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Welcome to Pepper Ridge Miniature Horses, USA

Pepper Ridge is located in Odessa, Florida where we have been raising exceptional double registered AMHA & AMHR miniature horses for over 20 years. Our horses are selectively bred and cared for, each measuring under 34", having their individual feeding / training program and their own stall every night. We do not incorporate nor do we advocate over stressing our horses with excessive lunging, blanketing, vaccinating, showing, or sweating. 

Above all, the use of synthetic hormones or steroids is not an option.

We have chosen a more natural approach to the miniature horse industry, such as selectively breeding in the qualities that we are interested in producing, and using alternativetreatments in addition to conventional veterinary medicine. Therapies such as acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, and traditional Chinese herbs have been the norm for our farm (quite successfully) for many years, with special thanks going out to our holistic veterinarian Dr. Peggy Fleming.

Glory B Farm's Night Lite, Our herd Sire

As a result of the internet, we have sold many superb AMHA miniature horses worldwide 

creating several life-long friendships.

We invite you to a  tour of our farm in person if you come to sunny Florida.

Pepper Ridge is conveniently  located just northwest of Tampa, Florida USA,  just 15 minutes from the Tampa International Airport and  1 hour and 15 min from Disney's Magic Kingdom.


Thank you for visiting us online, Contact us to visit in person!


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